Technology 4 Living was founded in 2002 by inventor Joseph Kaminski,
who assigned a portfolio of 9 issued U.S. patents and foreign
counterparts to the company.  The company will maximize the value of
the patent portfolio through licensing and strategic partnering, providing
technical support services and creating or acquiring related and
synergistic intellectual property including Trademarks and Copyrights.  

Technology 4 Living is also a design contract firm specializing in
Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing and R&D, focusing
on bringing exceptional current and future technologies to the living

We provide full turn-key solutions for Engineering, Technology and
Design in:

Home Land Security products
Port security equipment
Server Solutions (Win-Tel/Unix)
NEMA Rack Solutions
CE Mark Certified Inspection Systems
Measuring and Analyzing Systems
Medical devices
RFI/EMI shielding and enclosures
RF Telemetry and Wireless Communication Devices
Portable and mobile computing systems
Consumer electronics

Technology 4 Living is ready to assist you with your challenges.

"A Silicon Valley company, founded
by techies who love to tinker with
ideas that make life easier"
CEO - Joseph Kaminski
Copyright 2002 - 2016. All Rights Reserved.